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للتسجيل أو الإستفسار سيب بياناتك هنا

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DOX LLC is An integrated commercial & direct selling company.

DOX LLC  is presenting to our clients top quality at the best price while taking into considering the latest fashion clothes, luxury watches, sunglasses, accessories, casual/classic wears, Discounts cards & discount  packages..

DOX LLC  is a name that most of us have heard about linked with experience firsthand and how we are achieving the equation to be associated with a group that sells nothing but high grade quality.

The products from DOX guarantee an investments and therefore when you buy a product directly from DOX LLC  you become an investor. 

Why Join DOX

High value products you can buy with your family and your friends from our branches at the cheapest prices with highest quality.

Every day there is something new in our branches and will make you proud of us in front of the whole world.

Become an entrepreneur in less than 6 months, have your own store and change your life.

Voice your opinions and concerns with us, you are an owner, not a customer.

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